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Craftsmanship of our Filipino bamboo artisans

We, Filipinos, have been honing our bamboo craftsmanship for hundreds of years and your CUBO Home is the latest embodiment of our local craft. You’ve not only realized your dream home, you’ve also today become part of our nation’s rich bamboo history!

We combined our traditional bamboo craftmanship with state-of-the-art technologies to create the 21st century bamboo home.

State-of-the-art softwares we use for

- architectural and engineering planning and design (AutoCAD, Sketchup)

- engineering calculations (Tekla Tedds)

- product design (Fusion 360)

- architectural visualization (Lumion)

Engineered bamboo properties in comparison to concrete and local hardwoods

Panelized construction

- photos of panels in a truck

- photos of assembly



Fire safety features

- State-of-the-art electrical systems (Himel + Phelps Dodge)

Typhoon and earthquake safety features

- Shatterproof polycarbonate windows

- Typhoon and earthquake straps

Security features

- Combo entry lock

- Shatterproof polycarbonate windows

- Built-in lock on all jalousie windows

- Optional security grills