Congratulations on beginning your journey to becoming a CUBO homeowner. Buying your first home is a very exciting experience! But it can sometimes be overwhelming.

That's why we wrote this guide to provide you with all the information you’ll need to confidently make the decision of buying your own CUBO Home.

This guide will help clarify any questions you may have from the day you decide to live in a sustainable and long-lasting engineered bamboo home to the day you move in. We’ll be with you all the way!


First, assess your current and future needs when choosing your house model. Don't worry, though! All our CUBO house kits are designed to be upgradable with more units.

You should also decide, at this point, how you want your foundation installed. You can either 1) work with your own local builder (Kit & Install), or 2) the easier solution, have us assign you a CUBO Partner Builder in your area (Kit & Build).

Getting your own CUBO Home is now easier than ever with our revolutionary payment program, the Buhay CUBO Plan.

You can now spread your payment over up to 12 years for the most manageable monthly payments. Get up to over ₱900,000 in financing thru our revolutionary payment program and get approved in as fast as 5 days!

This is another industry first, as we're the only housing company in the country offering a maximum payment period 10 years at 0% interest!

Yes, you can. We charge a custom design fee of ₱1,000 per sq.m. of livable area. To avail of our custom CUBO design service, please fill up a form at

All our CUBO units include electricity and plumbing integrated within the unit so that when assembled onsite, it is plug and play and ready to be used as a full home! Of course, the CUBO Home includes engineered bamboo walls, floors, and roof so that you can live in a full hardwood-finished unit.

Other inclusions for each CUBO Home depends on your chosen model and package. You may head to https://www.cubo.ph/cubo-catalog and download the Product Specifications of the CUBO Model of your choice!

While we are manufacturing your CUBO off site, the foundation that will accept the CUBO unit has to be developed on the project site. CUBO will either coordinate with your contractor or will handle the whole project management itself with our Kit-and-Build service.

Once the foundation is prepared, CUBO will delivery the panels to the site and assemble the whole unit onto the space designated for CUBO. The unit will already connect to electricity and water during this process so you can start fully living in the home as soon as it is assembled.

CUBO Modular is the ONLY prefabricated housing company in the Philippines using a rapidly renewable material in engineered bamboo. Our competitors use materials that either destroy our natural resources like in the case of metal in shipping containers or worse, produce environmentally harmful styro-based materials in the case of EPS panels.

Aside from the sustainability of our material, we can create a fully functional, earthquake-proof, and typhoon-proof home within a few hours. Our modular system means allows us to assemble and build a house on-site with minimal labor and time requirements.

Our engineered bamboo is not only a sustainable, dense, and robust building material, it also provides excellent heat and sound insulation and repels termites and weevils to keep your house protected and sturdy.

No. On-site foundation work and assembly are not included in the price since it will be done through a CUBO Partner Builder.