Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. With our new Buhay CUBO™ Plan, you can get approved for home plans up to PHP 1,999,000 over 10 years at 0.0% interest within 24 hours (upon submission of complete requirements). Head over to to know more.

Just head over to the webpage of your chosen plan:
Sarangani Suite: Diamond Plan (
Sarangani Starter: Sapphire Plan (
Bulacan Suite: Emerald Plan (
Bulacan Starter: Ruby Plan (

If you wish to apply online, click the yellow button saying "APPLY ONLINE FOR BUHAY CUBO™". If you wish to use a printable form, click the yellow button saying "DOWNLOAD BUHAY CUBO™ FORM".

No. Delivery and assembly fees are subject for quotation since they vary greatly depending on the accessibility of your project site, the current state of the lot, and the slope of the land.

No. The construction of your foundation is not included in the price since it will be done either by your own builder or by a CUBO Partner Builder.

Yes. The reservation fee for any of our standard models is PHP 15,000. One reservation is equivalent to one house kit. The reservation fee is exclusive of VAT and non-refundable.

No. Currently, our homes are not available through Pag-IBIG. However, you can apply for a Buhay CUBO™ Plan if you’re getting a Suite or Starter model. Unlike the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan, our Buhay CUBO™ Plan does not require a collateral. Head over to to know more.

Yes. Depending on your bank, requirements and timelines may vary. Let our CUBO specialists assist you with your application.

With CUBO, you’re getting a complete home that’s ready to live in. Our house kits include:

  • structural engineered bamboo floor, wall, and roof framing systems
  • steel typhoon and earthquake strap system
  • engineered bamboo and steel exterior cladding
  • engineered bamboo and tile interior flooring and siding
  • engineered bamboo subroofing and steel roofing
  • doors, windows, and hardware
  • electrical components and fixtures
  • plumbing components and fixtures
  • lighting components and fixtures
  • bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • built-in furniture and cabinetry (for Smart and Suite models only)
  • outdoor decking (for Smart and Suite models only)
  • outdoor deck canopy (for Smart models only)
You can download the complete Product Specifications for each model on their correponding product pages: Shipping and assembly fees are subject for quotation.

The following services are not included but are available through our Kit and Build Service: building permit application, site clearing, soil treatment, foundation and septic tank construction, and water and electricity connections.

We offer three payment options: 100% cash payment, 50/50 cash payment, and long-term payment thru our Buhay CUBO™ Plan.

The timeline varies depending on your chosen payment option. For 100% or 50/50 cash payments, lead time can be as soon as 6 to 12 months from today. While for Buhay CUBO™ Plans, it can extend up to 120 months.
Yes. We can ship anywhere in the Philippines as long as the project site is accessible by either a 10-wheeler or a trailer truck. As of today, we have projects as far as Cotabato in the south, and as far as Laoag City in the north.


Our new Buhay CUBO™ Plan is designed to give hardworking Filipinos like you an opportunity to earn your way to home ownership by getting automatic plan credits, referral rewards, and exclusive perks and privileges.

Buhay CUBO™ Pioneers get house kits at 10% discount and receive automatic plan credits up to PHP 199,900, earn PHP 5,000 plan credits for every referral, and get access to exclusive events and giveaways.

The Buhay CUBO™ Card is a virtual card that comes with your approved home plan. It’s pre-loaded with the automatic plan credits corresponding to your plan. The Buhay CUBO™ Card helps you track your plan credits over time and doubles as your membership card to the exclusive Buhay CUBO™ Pioneer Club.

The Buhay CUBO™ Card is not a bank-issued credit card.

No. The initial plan credits pre-loaded to your virtual Buhay CUBO™ Card can neither be converted into cash nor reallocated for purchase of other products or house kits of lesser value.

Your CUBO is scheduled for production upon completion of all your deposits for your chosen plan since the entire price of the house kit is spread over the entire plan term. This gives you enough time to secure a lot if you still don’t have one, while maximizing your access to our events and giveaways exclusively designed for our Buhay CUBO™ Pioneers.

Of course. You can do so by taking advantage of our referral program to create an extra income stream for yourself. As a valued Buhay CUBO™ Pioneer, you’ll be rewarded with PHP 5,000 in plan credits for every referee that reserves a CUBO using your unique code.

Oh, and did we mention that all your referees automatically pre-qualify for the Buhay CUBO™ Plan of their reserved model? That’s right, that means they too will get up to PHP 199,900 in plan credits, referral rewards, and access to exclusive perks and privileges.

All referral rewards you earn beyond your required plan deposit for the month is yours to take home. So, for example, if you're a Buhay CUBO™ Ruby Pioneer with a monthly plan deposit of PHP 6,742.50, and you earned PHP 10,000 in reward credits for referring two people, you can either take home the extra PHP 3,257.5 or credit it to your next payment. If you choose to credit it to your next payment, then you just have to deposit PHP 3,485.00 the next month.

Because your reward credits are deducted from your required deposit for the month, you can cover your monthly deposits simply by referring friends and family. What’s more, all referral rewards that exceeds your required deposit for the month is yours to take home. So, not only were you able to pay for your plan simply by referring, you even have extra cash to take home at the end of the month.

No, we don't issue quotations for those services to our Buhay CUBO™ Pioneers since prices of those services can change at the point of delivery of your house kit, which is at the end of your plan term. We will provide you a quotation for those services during the last year of your plan.

Yes. However, you can only choose from upgrades that are available for your house kit at the last year of your plan term. Since available upgrades may change over time, we don’t sell current upgrades for house kits that are not for delivery within the next 12 months.

To qualify for a Buhay CUBO™ Plan, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Filipino or Foreign National
  • No minimum income required
  • No minimum job or business tenure required
  • No collateral required

So, if you’re at least 21 years old and a Filipino or a Foreign National, you can apply for a plan simply by accomplishing the following standard requirements:

  • Duly filled up Online Buhay CUBO™ Application Form or printed and filled up Buhay CUBO™ Application Form (
  • Tax Identification Number or duly filled up BIR Form 1904
  • Copy of any two (2) valid government-issued IDs sent to


Yes. We can work with you to custom design your sustainable dream home. Our custom design service starts at just PHP 1,000 per sq.m. and gets you access to our team of architects and engineers who can turn your vision into a sustainable home you can be proud of. To sign up for our custom design service, just go to

Our old models are no longer available in our standard catalog but you can still get them through our custom design service. Just sign up at and notify the CUBO Specialist who will get in touch with you that you want one of our old models.

Yes. All our CUBOs use a heavy-duty steel typhoon and earthquake strap system to tie the structural members together in compliance with the International Residential Code. Additionally, all our CUBOs are bolted down onto the foundation to guarantee that your home can withstand extreme weather conditions and exceed the demands of harsh Philippine climate.

Yes. All engineered bamboo we use is treated with a solution that creates an active barrier against termites, fungal decay, and woodboring insects. Additionally, we use industrial grade abrasion-resistant coating to give your CUBO added protection against pests and the elements.

But as with any construction, we recommend regular checkup with your pest control provider to prevent any termite issues from arising. Regardless of whether a home is made from concrete or wood, termites are a constant threat and must be diligently guarded against in order to protect your investment.

Yes. In fact, majority of the projects we’ve done all around the country are located in beach, mountain, and farm properties.

As bamboo is a natural material, wear and tear may vary depending on the conditions of your location. To prolong the lifespan of your investment, regular maintenance should be performed. You may refer to the provided CUBO Maintenance Guide upon turnover for more details. 

While no natural wood material is completely fire-proof, engineered bamboo’s self-extinguishing properties make it a superior material over traditional wood. Our engineered bamboo adheres to global fire standards with a B2 Fire Rating based on DIN 4102 Fire Resistance Test Standard. This corresponds to normal inflammability as a global building material.

Yes. All our CUBOs come with electrical and plumbing systems including switches, outlets, lighting fixtures, and bathroom and kitchen. All we have to do after assembling your house kit on your project site is tap onto the prepared water and electrical connections and you’re ready to move into your new CUBO!


Yes. You are welcome to explore our newest 2023 Sarangani Smart model here in the CUBO Hub at 9 Oliveros Drive, Apolonio Samson, Balintawak, Quezon City. To book a visit, sign up at

Yes. If you avail of our Kit and Build Service, then one of our CUBO Partner Builders in your area will not only prepare your foundation and septic tank, they will also file for building permits and prepare your electricity and water connections. To avail of our Kit and Build Service, just notify our team after you confirm your reservation that you want to avail of the service.

We don’t use any additional insulation primarily because your CUBO does not need it. Engineered bamboo is a natural heat and sound insulator, and works well in keeping heat and noise out of your home. However, if you wish to add insulation, you can request so for an additional material cost subject for quotation.