Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. If you're not 100% sure on getting one of our standard CUBO designs, we can custom design an affordable CUBO just for you!

Our custom design projects start in one of two ways: 1) you choose one of our standard models to begin designing from, or 2) you provide a floor plan that we then CUBO-fy to our modular system.

Our custom home design service is one of the most affordable rates in the market. Starting at just ₱1,000 per square meter, you'll get access to our team of architects and engineers who will make sure your CUBO is uniquely yours.

To sign up for our Custom CUBO Design Service, just go to

Our first generation models are no longer available through our standard catalog but you can still tell us about your specifications and we'll process it through our Custom CUBO Design Service!

Just sign up at and notify the CUBO Specialist who will get in touch with you that you want one of our old models.

Yes. All our CUBO Homes use a heavy duty steel typhoon and earthquake strap system to tie the structural members together in compliance with the International Residential Code.

Additionally, all our CUBOs are bolted down onto the foundation to guarantee that your home can withstand any extreme weather conditions and exceed the demands of harsh Philippine climate.

While no natural wood material is ever completely fire-proof, our engineered bamboo adheres to global fire standards with a B2 Fire Rating based on DIN 4102 Fire Resistance Test Standard. This corresponds to normal inflammability as a global building material.

For our windows and canopies, we use polycarbonate because of its high impact resistance.

Unlike glass, polycarbonate does not easily shatter or break when subjected to impact. This makes it a very safe window material as it won’t create sharp shards even when hit by strong typhoon winds or debris.

Polycarbonate looks just like glass and performs the same way in terms of visual clarity. It is also UV-protected and shields your home against heat and UV radiation.

Engineered bamboo is a highly renewable building material with superior strength.

In terms of engineering properties, engineered bamboo can be up to 14 times stronger than concrete and local hardwoods like narra, kamagong, and yakal.

It only takes three years for bamboo to mature to be fit for construction, so it is highly renewable.

Yes. Our engineered bamboo is pre-treated against termites and other wood-boring insects.

Additionally, we use an industrial grade abrasion-resistant coating to give your CUBO Home added protection against pests and the elements. Just as any other material, maintenance is required with the frequency depending on your location!

Yes. CUBO is perfect for these types of locations.

Our CUBO Homes are designed with this in mind. Our engineered bamboo is pretreated against termites and wood-boring insects and is resistant to moisture.

Unlike shipping containers or galvanized iron modular homes, CUBO does not rust or corrode even in salty seaside environments.

Yes. All our CUBOs come with electrical and plumbing systems including switches, outlets, light fixtures, kitchen fixtures, and bathroom fixtures.

All we have to do after assembling your house kit on your project site is tap onto the prepared water and electrical connections and you’re ready to move into your new CUBO Home!


Yes. We can ship anywhere in the Philippines as long as the project site is accessible by a 10-wheeler truck.

We handle our prefabricated building panels to a maximum of 10 meters from the nearest available drop-off point accessible by a 10-wheeler truck.

If your site exceeds 10 meters from the nearest drop-off point, an additional handling fee will be charged accordingly during delivery.

If you are not sure about the access to your site, please send our CUBO Specialists ( or 0999 888 6560) your exact site address so we can confirm delivery access.

The timeline will vary depending on your chosen payment method.

For cash payments, lead time can be as soon as 6 to 12 months from today!

While for more affordable payment terms, it can take up to more than 24 months depending on your chosen payment schedule.

To know more, please contact us through email ( or phone (0999 888 6560) to speak to a CUBO Specialist!

The reservation fee for any of our standard units is P15,000.

One reservation fee is equivalent to one house kit slot. This will be deducted from your total contract price.

The reservation fee is VAT exclusive and non-refundable.

Currently, CUBO Homes are not available through a Pag-IBIG loan.

However, you can apply for a payment plan through our very own Buhay CUBO Plan, the first and only housing payment plan in the country with 0% interest for up to 10-year payment period!

Through this revolutionary payment program, you can get up to over ₱900,000 in financing and get approved in as fast as 5 days!

You can learn more about our Buhay CUBO Plan here:

Our listed prices include our CUBO House Kits only, inclusive of VAT.

The standard inclusions of each house kit will vary depending on the model package you avail--Starter or Suite. To get a copy of our complete Product Specifications for each model, please contact a CUBO Specialist or download them through our website (

Other costs that are not indicated in the listed prices but will be included in the final quotation are shipping and assembly fees.

The following costs are not included in your CUBO House Kit but are available through our Kit and Build Service: foundation construction, soil treatment, building permit and village construction bond fees, and water and electricity connections.

With our Second Generation models, we offer three payment options: spot cash, deferred downpayments, and long-term payment thru our Buhay CUBO Plan.

All payment options available for each of our models and sample computations may be found on their corresponding product pages (

Yes. Discounts are available depending on how many units you are buying.


CUBO is a manufacturer of engineered bamboo house kits only, but we have CUBO Partner Builders who can prepare your foundation.

Through our CUBO Kit and Build Service, you won’t have to worry about filing for building permits, constructing your foundation, setting up your septic tank, and preparing your electricity and water connections. Our CUBO Partner Builder will do that for you.

To get our CUBO Kit and Build Service, just notify the CUBO Specialist ( or 0999 888 6560) who will get in touch with you after you confirm your reservation that you want to avail of our Kit and Build Service.


No. In our effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19, we have suspended all visits and viewings both in our factory and built units.

Our complete Product Specifications sheets are the most accurate representations of our products and final delivered units.

You may browse actual photos of our existing projects here:

We know that you would like to visit a CUBO Home soon and see the beauty of the product for yourself. We will be posting on our social media pages once it is deemed safe!

For international transactions, installation, shipping, and handling must be arranged by the homebuyer.

We can only deliver up to the port of exit in the Philippines. CUBO will not be able to install or provide any warranty if the product is to be shipped abroad.

Liability will be transferred once items are delivered or picked up.

If you want to build a CUBO on an existing structure, we need to first inspect the structure and review the as-built engineering and architectural plans.

This is so we can check its structural integrity and determine if it is fit to build a CUBO structure on it.

Please send your engineering and architectural plans to along with more details on your project for review.

Bamboo is natural heat and sound insulator. This is the reason why our traditional Filipino bahay kubo can remain cool and comfortable even in the middle of a rice field.

Because of its natural insulation properties, we do not include additional insulation inside our building panels..

However, if you wish to add insulation, you can do so through our Custom CUBO Design Service (

Let us help you. Since easement requirements vary depending on the classification of your property, we need to check your property information first.

Please provide our team a copy of your exact site address, lot plan, and classification so we can determine the required easements of your lot and if we can work with the remaining lot area.

Please send your lot documents over to

Yes. Discounts are available depending on how many units you are buying.